All Hands on Deck

As a project manager one of my responsibilities is developing timelines and project plans for my customer’s executive programs.  It is amazing to me as I put each project plan together, the number of individuals it takes to pull off a successful executive summit.  It trRowersuly takes the all hands on deck approach to coordinate all of the details and execute on each line of a project plan.   Key resources must be identified up front for overall program management, marketing creative, print production and communications.  Each of these areas is reliant upon the other to complete assigned tasks.

• Program Management – point of contact for all decisions regarding the summit program
• Marketing Creative – designs the graphics and printed pieces necessary to market the summit
• Print Production – prints and ships all required collateral pre-event and provides quality materials for the executive summit
• Communications – develops a strategy for messaging and executes through usage of various channels

The list of areas necessary to execute each summit may vary by organization, but the areas I listed above are the ones I recommend be top priority.  Before you begin any summit planning activities make sure that you have identified the key resources you will need to have a successful summit for your organization.  I have a few other things that you may want to check out on our Execuitve Summit Checklist.

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