Customer Advisory Boards: Expense or Investment (Part 4)

To close the loop on assessing the mutual benefit of advisory boright peopleard content, a major factor yet to consider is THE RIGHT PEOPLE. 

Productive discussion requires:

  • the right discussion leader.
  • the right company representatives.
  • the right customer representatives.

Dialogue is not always easy.
Interactive discussion that capitalizes on strategic insight is an art.  Not all top customer executives will share openly.  Not all internal stakeholders will focus on the needed input.  Not all “facilitators” are created equal.  Choose carefully.

My teammate Karen Penney has previously blogged some great suggestions about selecting the right people.  For more detail, please read:

By providing mutual benefit:

  1. Your management team is bound to rate highly the value of insights and perspectives uncovered in the meetings.
  2. Your members are sure to score highly the value of the discussions.

Congratulations!  You are on your way to making your customer advisory board the sharpest tool for investment status. 

BE A STAR.  Invest smartly.  Wisely use precious resources.  Make your board a strategic initiative.

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