Customer Advisory Boards: Expense or Investment (Part 3)

For those who already have a customer advisory board and are critically assessing content and its mutual benefit for your company and board members, agenda-planning is a critical component.  What priority issues loom?  What strategic insight can you capitalize on most with these select executives from your top accounts?

An effective agenda usually contains three to five successfully prioritized areas for discussion that are relevant to your company and your customers.  Make certain the topics address business goals or competitive advantage.  Consider:

  • Discussing topics to be addressed at upcoming corporate Board meetings for broader understanding.
  • Evaluating product planning ideas before committing deeper resources.
  • Obtaining candid input about their perspectives of competitors to perfect that strategy.
  • Learning about their major challenges and obstacles for overall strategic purposes.
  • Walking through relevant market trends and brainstorming how your company can leapfrog with solutions.

It bears repeating:  These vital customers care about your organization’s success because they have a vested interest in it.  They get involved and give of their time because they want to offer strategic insight. 

BE A STAR.  Invest smartly.  Wisely use precious resources.  Make your board a strategic initiative.

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