Customer Advisory Boards: Expense or Investment (Part 2)

If your company already has a customer advisory board in its tool belt, how determined are you to make this tool as sharp as it can be?  How committed are you to making it an investment?  (See Part 1.) 

For those with their sleeves rolled up and ready to get to work, the first step is to critically assess its overall effectiveness as well as each element essential for success.  One of the top essential elements is content and its value for both your company and your customer members. 

Mutual benefit is paramount to guaranteeing your board’s long-term health and investment status:
  1. What rating would your management team place on the value of insights and perspectives uncovered in the meetings?
  2. What score would your members give for the value of the discussions?

Keep in mind:  This is not the time for a sales presentation.  This is not the place for telling your story … unless, of course, you need strategic insight on massaging your story.  Executives do not want to take precious time out of their jammed schedules for an advisory board that isn’t truly “advisory.” 

These vital customers care about your organization’s success because they have a vested interest in it.  They get involved and give of their time because they want to offer strategic insight. 

That said; invest smartly in your members’ time—wisely use these exclusive resources.  Make your board a strategic initiative.  BE A STAR. 

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