Advisory Council Model: Makeover Edition, Part 1

At times, companies can lose sight of the value they gain from Advisory Councils, and for various reasons.  Be on guard—do not let yourself get discouraged to the point where you recommend discontinuing this strategic engagement tool.  Instead, consider an Advisory Council Makeover.

Time for a Reality Check

Assuming you conduct post-meeting surveys with both internal team and council members, what kind of feedback are you receiving? 

  • Are your members still getting a high level of value from their invested time?
  • Are your stakeholders still getting a high level of value from the insight gained?
  • Are overall scores trending downward?  If so, for how long and by how much?

A Makeover is the best alternative, considering a small percentage of top accounts typically contribute the largest percentage of revenue in B2B companies.  They hold the heart of your business in their hands.  And, most of the research-based market insight you acquire is also available to every one of your competitors.  Making strategic decisions based on insight gained from your most important customers is too critical to give up! 

In Part 2 and following, we will address several areas that impact scores and your perception:


  • Overall experience
  • Discussions
  • Perception of your commitment
  • Follow-up
  • Willingness to partner further

       Internal Team:

  • Pre-meeting preparation
  • Overall experience
  • Insight gained
  • Application
  • Between-meeting interaction


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